Staff have an in-depth understanding of their key children, and the group as a whole, and skilfully adapt activities and interactions to provide the highest levels of support. - OFSTED2 (Jan 2016)

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Outside Play

Outside Play

We are very proud of our outside area which we have developed in recent years, and now aim to use it to give the children as many opportunities to learn outside as they have indoors. The children will be encouraged to play outside as much as possible in all but very extreme weathers.

Delivering the curriculum outdoors:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Being responsible for their outdoor clothing. In winter wellies and suitable clothing. We have mobile coat racks that we wheel to the doors, so they can select their own clothes. Please help us by making sure everything is named. In summer children are not allowed outside without a hat. We have our own legionaries hats to protect children’s necks for sale. Again please write their name in them.

Outside the children learn to share, make friends and play together.

Communication and Language

In summer we may have tables with equipment to draw and write outside under the protection of the canopy. We also read stories and involve the children in as many sensory experiences as possible.

They have opportunities to be involved in large mark making, such as chunky chalks and paintbrushes to draw and paint with water on the patio and mark making with large pieces of paper.


The list is endless. All you would expect and lots more, cars and bikes, trucks and trikes. Stompers, hoops, bats and balls and a parachute!


The children read books outside and write on blackboards, clipboards and at writing tables


Opportunities to play games. Counting, target throwing, counting jumps etc.

Mathematics take place in all areas outside including our role play areas which include a shop, building site, the vets and the doctors.

Understanding of the world

We hunt for mini-beasts, go on nature walks, and look at buildings in our village, as well as walking to the school.

Our role play areas encompass the whole curriculum and we have developed them to encourage both boys and girls to use and enjoy them. Making it fun and relative to them, and what they know means they explore, problem solve and learn while having maximum fun.

Expressive arts and design

The children have lots of opportunities to be creative. As inside, they get to use paints and craft equipment. They have opportunities to play in water and sand, lentils and rice and use different equipment.

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