The staff team is highly motivated and qualified and works exceptionally well together, creating a secure and safe learning environment for children - OFSTED (Jan 2016)

Some changes at Preschool


This year the team and committee have been busy reviewing what we do at Preschoold and developing a plan for improvements to our already outstanding provision!  We are very excited to begin with our plans this term and would like to ask for your comments and feedback throughout our journey.  There will be a comments box in the foyer with some slips for you to give anonymous feedback about anything (good or bad!) about Preschool.  This will help us to evaluate the changes and make sure everybody is happy along the way! Our topics will be longer ensuring that children have enough time to fully explore a theme or interest.  We will do this by having an overall topic for the half term. Each week we will dive into learning about ourselves using a different them.

Coat Hooks and Self-Registration

We have some new coat hooks at Preschool for September.  Please encourage your child to begin to recognise their photograph to find which coat hook is theirs.  You will find a label on the peg that your child can hang their belongings.  You will also find a name card that the child can take from the peg and place on our self-registration board when coming into Preschool.  We will use this name card throughout the day to encourage children to begin to recognise their own name during carpet time activities and at snack times. There will be a place on the back of your child’s name card for you to write any wow moments that you have had at home this could be something like their first use of the toilet or being able to put their own socks on.  We can then share these achievements at carpet time and celebrate children’s achievements.  


Water Bottles

We have noticed that children drink more during the day when they have their own bottle to drink from.  Please could you provide your child with a named bottle of water and bring it into the hall at the beginning of each session.  We will show you were they will all be kept and it would help if you could make sure your child knows where it is and what it looks like so that they can access it themselves.  We will of course supervise to make sure there is no confusion with bottles.



As you are already aware your child’s keyworker will be making observations of your children each week to plan and provide for their next steps in learning.  This term we are trialling a new way to observe your children.  Each week your child’s keyworker will assign time for an observation of each of their key children.  All children will have at least one observation per week.  If your child has a wow moment and makes a leap forward in an area another observation will be made.  You may notice that you now have less pictures on your tapestry account each week however please be assured that this does not mean your children are doing less playing and learning it just means that staff are spending more time alongside your children and helping them to learn than taking pictures of them!  We still plan to take pictures of the fun activities we do and include them as group observations which will save staff’s time at home spent uploading pictures onto tapestry.  Please do use the comments box to give us your feedback on Tapestry and the observations that we make.  You can also comment on Tapestry too!  We will also be introducing an interactive next steps display – more details on this to follow!


Enabling Environment

This year the team and committee plan to review each area of our provision one at a time so you will soon begin to see some changes in the environment that are aimed at improving children’s curiosity and engagement in fun learning.  To start with we have been looking at our role play area.  We have changed our home corner to include more real-life play props, we have tried to ditch as much plastic as possible and replace items with those that will be familiar to the things that they have at home.  We will be spending the first weeks back developing the home corner and making sure that it is rich with a variety of learning opportunities.  We will review all of our areas in the same way to continue to provide an outstanding and enabling environment.


Policy of the week!

We have been very busy reviewing all of our policies to make sure they are all truly reflective of what we do at Preschool.  Please take your time to read our policies as by signing our terms and conditions you are agreeing to abide by our policies.  They are available on our website (soon to be updated) and there is a folder kept in the foyer everyday.  We will be displaying a policy of the week for both staff and parents to read and make sure they are aware of any changes that have been made.  Again any comments are very welcome.


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